The Let Down

Like a slow slap

an arrow

pulled so tightly back

its direction


charted so clearly

the news unfolds

it was expected

but not this soon

no not right now

it can’t be

how i want to drown,

no sink

be devoured

by the earth

with its prickling

heat and claws

the let down

it was due

but not so soon

the sting

the pain

the tears

that must not be shed

the pain

that must not be felt

the thoughts and words

that can now never be let out

must be buried

in the dreams and plans that will never be

what pains more

the news

or the bearer of the news

so smug

so gleeful

to be so happy

at anothers unhappiness

to know the news from you

whom i once trusted to help

seal this love

guide me through the paths

paths that could have been


painful happiness

but happiness nonetheless

You  who helped

held the knife

mapped it’s entrance

straight through to the heart

watched it bleed from afar

then delivered the news

with such happiness

such smugness

the let down

heart already broken

healing process

almost started

now to pick up

the new shards

that will

no longer bond

the pieces

piercing and slicing

my healing fingers

but how much

can one heal

when I can no

longer pick up

the pieces

the let down