Can’t sleep, can’t eat

All this swirling in my head

You, us, forever, and never

I know I’m nothing but a distant memory to you

Have been now for a while

A speck of dust in the orbit of your space


If you can, take a step back

And remember the fun times

Oh what fun times they were

When there was nothing but laughter

Endless chatter, whilst sleeping on the

End of the phone.


And if you feel like you felt back then

Jump back into it and remember

We once loved.





Days like today
Crispy cold Sundays
What it once was, and
What it now is

Crispy cold Sunday walks
Wrapped in furs,  love, wool and smiles
Plans for today, mixed
With plans for the future

Warm coffee in one hand
Hot heartbeats on the other
Walking hand in hand
Stealing kisses & jokes

Lunch for body warmth
Conversations of nothing to warm the souls
Laughs,  oh the laughter of days gone by
Laughter echoing nothing
Yet echoing everything
On days like today

On this crisp cold morning
Heart as cold as the snow outside
Wrapped in cotton wool
Hands frozen in pockets
Dry winds automating each steps

Days like today
Where did yesterdays best laid plans go
Turned into glass fulls of pain
The freezing lonely walks
To clear the head,  heart
And soul as ebbed by the winds
To feel again, one day
On a day like today.



Peace within oneself

Is a gift of self love

Driven by fear to stay in a situation

Regardless of how good the person is

Is still a fear driven relationship.

Fear to leave, Fear to Stay

Peace within oneself conquers fear

Either way fear is no way to live one’s life.

Fear of loneliness

Fear of the future

Fear of making the right choice must be considered

Before destroying ones life as well as the lives of others.

Take time to love oneself

You can’t love anyone else without

Self love first.

Peace within sustains self love

Be at Peace

Be at Peace

Be at Peace

I am Strong

I am Sensitive

I am Honest to a fault

I cry silently

I laugh louder

I feel deeply

To the depths of my soul

Only the brave can survive

For they know the journey is fraught

With pain, with love, mountains and valleys

But the rewards are richer than diamond

Or gold or silver.

For the love that flows forth

Once released is empowering

The love is honest

The love is strong

The love is sensitive

The love is crude and harsh and honest

For once the warrior wins the battle

There’s nothing but love and true partnership.

One fraught with passion,

Never a dull moment for the worm

Is now a butterfly, A QUEEN

Among her empires & she has found her King

One who seeks her wisdom as deeply as he seeks her smile

Her groin, her laughter

Wanting more of all, fighting to keep her calm

Keep her true, keep and protect her

Like the treasured flower that she is.