oh how time flies

the memories we make

walking down memory lane, the fantasies

built and shared over many conversations.

secret messages and shared understanding

oh how time flies…

enemies become friends

lovers become enemies

bonds, once thought unbreakable

lay in sharp pieces all around

still picking these pieces off my back

how did the love turn to anguish and pain

oh how time flies

how naive we were

to think that we could be better

yet judging each other

with names from past places

tarnishing the sweet snow with hurt

from former lives & loves

oh how time flies

the memories we make

the name calling

emotional blackmail

hugs with such trauma

but i stayed


harder than ever

longer i stood fighting

waiting for the storm to pass

deeper the knife was plunged

oh the memories we make

blindsided, bittersweet

happy memories

mixed with pain

soft as cotton

shattered like glass

oh the memories we walk away from

with blistered feet

a bleeding heart

oh the memories



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