Days like today
Crispy cold Sundays
What it once was, and
What it now is

Crispy cold Sunday walks
Wrapped in furs,  love, wool and smiles
Plans for today, mixed
With plans for the future

Warm coffee in one hand
Hot heartbeats on the other
Walking hand in hand
Stealing kisses & jokes

Lunch for body warmth
Conversations of nothing to warm the souls
Laughs,  oh the laughter of days gone by
Laughter echoing nothing
Yet echoing everything
On days like today

On this crisp cold morning
Heart as cold as the snow outside
Wrapped in cotton wool
Hands frozen in pockets
Dry winds automating each steps

Days like today
Where did yesterdays best laid plans go
Turned into glass fulls of pain
The freezing lonely walks
To clear the head,  heart
And soul as ebbed by the winds
To feel again, one day
On a day like today.



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