I am Strong

I am Sensitive

I am Honest to a fault

I cry silently

I laugh louder

I feel deeply

To the depths of my soul

Only the brave can survive

For they know the journey is fraught

With pain, with love, mountains and valleys

But the rewards are richer than diamond

Or gold or silver.

For the love that flows forth

Once released is empowering

The love is honest

The love is strong

The love is sensitive

The love is crude and harsh and honest

For once the warrior wins the battle

There’s nothing but love and true partnership.

One fraught with passion,

Never a dull moment, for the worm

Is now a butterfly, A QUEEN

Among her empires & she has found her King

One who seeks her wisdom as deeply as he seeks her smile

Her groin, her laughter

Wanting more of all, fighting to keep her calm

Keep her true, keep and protect her

Like the treasured flower that she is.


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